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Mastermind World Summit 2021

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BONUS #1: Find Your Niche Masterclass​

The ONE BIG question that trips up aspiring entrepreneurs in the knowledge industry even before they start is “What’s My Niche?”

This 3-hour masterclass will address all your questions. Plus position you so that you can authentically share your heart-centered message without imposter syndrome, even if you’re just starting out!

Questions like these…

  • Help! I have too much niches and I don’t know which to choose.
  • I want to help people, but I don’t know what to teach.
  • Will anyone even listen to me???

…will melt away. By the end of this masterclass, you will know what you want to share with your world and how to share it in a way that’s most aligned with your inner calling.

Value: $497

Bonus #2: The 150+ Profitable & Evergreen Niche Ideas In 2021 (Value $297)

No idea what niche to start? Not sure if the niche is good enough? What if I told you SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES? You don’t have to think so hard!

The truth is, before you even have an online business, you HAVE TO DECIDE your niche, regardless if you’re creating the content yourself, or selling other people’s products.
So what are the profitable and EVERGREEN (so you can do it once and still be relevant years later) niches in 2021?
One of my most prized skills is in Research. In the last 10 years, I have created & sold tens of thousands of profitable products because I was able to identify the right niches and went on to make multiple 6-figures in my business.
This list will SAVE YOU lots of time and worry. Not to mention give you abundant niche ideas that you can start immediately after the World Summit! Its value? Priceless!

Value: $297

BONUS #3: Mastermind World Summit Full 3 Day Notes

Can’t write fast enough to capture everything the speakers said? Can’t read your scribbles after the event? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

All the World Summit notes that I will be creating will be sent to you in a PDF when the event is over. As usual, it will be in the accelerated learning, visual note-taking style, so that when you read the notes, it’s as if you’re immersing yourself in the event all over again!

Your notes are a wonderful teaching aid! Thank you ever so much for your time and creativity! I deeply appreciate your hard work!” ~ Paula Gorsuch

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.” ~ Loreta Laurin

Value: $297

BONUS #4: Own Your Future Challenge Complete 30-Day Action Plan

Ever bought a digital course and did absolutely nothing after that? I’ve got my hand raised as well…

Being the ‘unofficial note-taker’ of the Own Your Future Challenge family, I fully immersed myself into studying and listing out every mission and critical move that was mentioned by the speakers.

The result? A total of 41 different actionable items, which I’ve put into a 30-day action plan.

You can take this list and immediately start implementing it by breaking it down to bite-sized steps, even if you’re a total beginner in this knowledge industry!

Week 1: Becoming Unstoppable
Week 2: Finding Your Niche & Audience
Week 3: Creating Your Attractive Message 
Week 4: Free Viral Marketing Strategies

Value: $497

BONUS #5: Own Your Future Challenge Notes

5 days, 17 world-class speakers. Missed the challenge that took the world by storm? Almost a million normal people like you and me attended this challenge and gained immeasurable actionable steps on how to build, launch and grow an online digital product business.

These notes that I created received more than 12,000 likes and comments from the OYFC family, in a crisp, no-fluff, better-than-watching-the-videos style that will save you time and give you all you need to know from the 5 days challenge. Including the never publicly revealed bonus Day 6 notes.

(See some of the appreciation comments at the bottom of this page.)

“Now I am finding your notes – more amazing than video itself. Thank you.” ~ Konzister Maric

Value: $97

BONUS #6: The Own Your Future Challenge Deconstructed

Challenges. Everywhere you turn your head you see a new challenge popping up. Is it truly effective? Why are top marketing gurus fanatical about the challenge model? Can it be used for newbies and seasoned marketers alike? How do you profit from the challenge even before it begins?

In 2020, when the Rise Up challenge attracted 120,000 challengers, we thought it was HUGE…until the Own Your Future challenge came and knocked it off the chart. OYFC, the world’s largest challenge till date, attracted almost a million challengers.

You’ll get a breakdown of the different winning elements that made the challenge so successful, so that when you put your challenge together, you can be capturing leads and making money even before the challenge starts!

Value: $397

Watch this space...

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About Hui Hui


An introvert playing an extrovert’s game, Hui Hui is fulfilling her calling into the knowledge industry.

She saw how many people are struggling to pivot onto the online world, held back by their fears, their doubts and paralyzed in the jungle of technology.

As a former Book Editor with international publisher Times Publishing, Hui Hui has published more than 100 books, written 100+ book blurbs and created two bestselling book series which sold for more than 50,000 copies around the world.

Hui Hui’s fervent hope is that by sharing her notes, she can simplify and zoom in on the important concepts taught in the programs, because she firmly believes that this year, when so many people are rebuilding their lives through the knowledge industry, no one should be left behind!



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